Autumn Quarter – Week 8

This past Friday, Marie and I met with Dr. Wolfe. We used this time to briefly discuss what are plans are for the remainder of the quarter and to also practice for our Saturday Presentation at Saint Xavier University for the ChiWIC, Chicago Women in Computing, event.

I hope to spend some time this week working on the lashes for Paula as they are the biggest concern at the moment. I did a practice run last week by manipulating a plane to conform to the general shape of her lashes. It did not turn out quite the way I would have liked. This week I hope to explore creating two lines that meet the overall shape and then extrude/loft a plain along those lines.

As I mentioned, we gave a practice run of our presentation for Dr. Wolfe and a few other faculty members. Then on Saturday we attended ChiWIC. Overall, things were quite successful. We enjoyed the opportunity of sharing our current project and to have the opportunity of learning and hearing from other women in the field.

Things have gotten even more hectic as we are coming towards the end of the quarter due to Final Projects. I do hope to make more progress over the next week or two with Paula.


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