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Autumn Quarter Final Week

December 4, 2012

November 9th was our Final Meeting. For this meeting, Dr. McDonald showed us how to install graphics cards into the computers. I had never done it before myself, although I have removed one before.


Here is the box that new graphics card came in.


This is what the new graphics cards look like.


After disconnecting the towers from the monitor and unplugging the power source, we removed the side panel from the tower to expose the interior. From there, he explained various locations of key components of the computer. From there, we removed the old graphics card.


This is a close up shot. You can see how dusty it is.

Once we removed it, we installed the new ones and closed everything back up. We plugged it all back in and turned the computers on to check and make sure the cards were properly installed and to update any drivers if necessary. All in all, it was pretty simple and fun!

Also, I talked briefly with Dr. Wolfe about the current progress with the lashes. So far, I have a pretty good model for the base of the new lashes. Right now, the top lash is complete and I need to finish the bottom lash.



Here are a few views. Because the lash is a single surface and not individual objects the polycount has already been significantly reduced. Currently, this single surface is 240, or 480 polys as there will be two of them. The number should not be that much higher once I finish the bottom lash.

From here, I will then texture the lashes and apply an opacity map so they look nice on Paula. I am currently on Winter break, but I do plan to have the bottom lash completed and have the textures applied before the start of the Winter Quarter.