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Winter Quarter – Week 1-2

January 22, 2013

Marie and I have met with Dr. Wolfe on Fridays for the past two weeks. Marie has been experimenting with The teeth. I have continued my work on the lashes.

I finished getting the base model for the top and bottom of the lashes, which consists of two plains modeled to be in a shape similar to what Paula’s old lashes were. Right now, the top and bottom lash total 330 polys, a significant reduction from the previous lashes.




The next step as been to apply an opacity map to the lashes. I started off with looking at some of the textures Paula already has that perhaps used to be used as lashes. I experimented with getting them to fit the shape of the lashes I made, and then apply an opacity map to them.



I struggled with getting the two images to match up to achieve the desired effect. However, I got the idea to just color the lashes black, and then apply the opacity map, which would eliminate the need to match up the two textures. Below you can see the current results.


I hope to continue tweaking it. I need to get the lashes to line up better, and to clean up the spots and speckles/noise that shows up in-between the lashes. If that is unsuccessful, I may have to make my own lash texture from scratch.

I will continue working on it this week and get input on what I have so far from Dr. Wolfe.