Winter Quarter Week 6-9

Over the past few weeks I have continued my work with the lashes. Marie and I have continued are weekly meetings with Dr. Wolfe, with the exception of Week 7 because Dr. Wolfe was out of town.

The previous problem that arose with the lashes that I made were that they did not stand out when the camera was far away. I then set out to make the lashes as thick as I could. Instead of redrawing them, I experimented in photoshop and was able to take the original set and thicken them.

Below you can see the results:

Also, they stand out a bit more when viewed from farther away:

Now, having arrived at a pair of desirable lashes, I then deleted the old set, and parented the new set to the Upper and Lower Lid Bones so that they move in conjunction with Paula’s lids when she blinks.

ThickerLashes5   ThickerLashes7  ThickerLashes6

One problem is that they do not move properly with her lids, so this needs to be adjusted. It is believed that some adjustments to the pivot rotations will fix this issue.

The other issue is that the model for the upper lash does not perfectly fit Paula’s lids. When I originally modeled the lashes, I tried to get them to fit as closely as I could to the old set. That old set included a spline that served as Eyeliner I would say. This extra piece will not be included with the new lashes, so my model is a bit off. I am hoping that applying a few modifiers contained within max will allow me to make adjustments to the plain so it better fits Paula’s lids.

ThickerLashes3   ThickerLashes2

I will begin this process soon.

The next step, once I have fixed the lashes and have them properly placed onto Paula, I will do a few tests to see how the New lashes improve rendering time as compared with the old lashes.

I am in the Final Weeks of the Winter Quarter. I hope to get some progress done on this but I may not be able to focus as much time as I would like. We will see how things go.


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